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It seems too convenient to me that Giffords has "seen the light" only after she is no longer a public official and thus no longer beholden to the will of her constituents. I also find it interesting that the media is now trotting out her and victims of other mass shootings such as Aurora, Virginia Tech, and Columbine more and more frequently as time passes.

While what happened to Giffords and the other victims of violent crime is tragic, her experience makes her no more an expert on crime or constitutional law than the catching of a cold makes me an expert on infectious diseases. Just like other gun control advocates including Sarah Brady, Carolyn McCarthy, and to some extent Dianne Feinstein, Giffords seems to be attempting to politicize her own tragic experience and that I can neither sympathize with nor respect. I, like most other people, have been wronged at some point in my life but unlike Giffords, Brady, McCarthy, and Feinstein, I do not attempt to garner sympathy in order to abridge other people of their rights.

That being said, this may actually be a good sign. The fact that the media is resorting to digging up what is, in essence, old news indicates to me that the emotions stirred by the Newtown shooting may be beginning to fade. In order to pass new gun control, the anti-gun crowd needs an emotions to remain raw until the votes are counted. Trotting out the victims of older shootings seems like it may be a desperate attempt to prolong rapidly dwindling emotions.
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