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Gun Owner? Certainly...

owning 2? Gun owner. But not an enthusiast.

And she is, in a way, a good representation of a gun owner. BECAUSE there is no "typical" gun owner. Gun owners run the gamut from the serious enthusiast with several dozen or more, to the street punk with a stolen .25auto shoved in his pants. TO the anti's, we are all gunowners, and all EXACTLY ALIKE!

ALL they see is the one single requirement to be a "gun owner", that is having a gun. Willingness to obey the law, personal responsibilty, even mental stability, none of that matters to the anti gunners. If you have a gun, or want one, you MUST be all the same. And, predictably, they always choose the worst possible example of mankind with a gun to use as their chosen archtype.

Many of the right deniers do see shades of grey, that is where their talk of "reasonable" measures comes from. Others are dyed in the wool, foaming at the mouth (although seldom literally) true believers, and nothing less than complete confiscation will ease their "pain".
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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