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Kind of weird that she keeps using "our" and "we" rather than "I".
She and her husband Mark Kelly share equal credit for both the op-ed and the website. The last time I heard her speak, she seemed to be having difficulty putting complex sentences together, presumably because of the brain damage she suffered. I assume it is much easier for him to do the writing while she offers short opinions and comments.
It's disappointing that the goal seems to be to out spend the NRA on lobbying.
Although I disagree with the stated goal, I'd actually call it logical. One of the main handicaps that the gun control movement has is a near-total lack of a coherent, credible, and well-funded counter-organization to oppose the NRA. The current groups have taken so many extreme and unpopular positions and engaged in so much self-destructive infighting that nearly nobody takes them seriously anymore.

As I pointed out in another recent thread, IMHO the constant editorial demonization of the NRA by gun control advocates is largely intended to mask the comparatively pathetic lack of a viable counterpart on their side. Since they can't credibly say "here's why you should join our side, help us out, and give us money", their only alternative is to loudly screech "DON'T listen to THEM! They're EVIL! BAD!! BAD!!"

OTOH whether the Giffords/Kelly group can actually attain their goal is another question.
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