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Is it time to quit and sell mt gun?

Last year I bought a Smith & Wesson 929. It's a great gun and I've had lots of fun shooting it and enhancing it. But I've spent the year shooting Steel Challenge Matches with it and just can't seem to get into it.

Since I'm in a wheelchair I had to give up the "Run & Gun" matches like ICORE and USPSA. The ranges here all have rocks on them and I can't move the wheelchair across the stages. I had a caregiver that use to push me around but she's gone.

I'm very competitive by nature. Years ago I was a Master Class shooter with both my revolver and auto. Now I'm lucky to not come in last.

I no longer enjoy reloading and especially de mooning and mooning my bullets for each match.

I'm thinking of getting rid of my 929 and just shoot my .22 Mark III or my 627. I can still buy .22s cheap. Not as cheap as reloading but not too bad.

So, is it time to just sell my 929 and learn to shoot the .22s and enjoy myself again?
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