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I've owned, and currently own, a number of these blinds. For the price you simply can't beat them for a one person rifle or crossbow blind. However, I've seen many of them get bent the wrong way and it's almost always the result of frustration in trying to take them down. After more attempts than I care to admit, I finally figured out how to take them down in one try (yes, it can be done). All that being said, I've never seen one that was able to have the steel hoop repaired. Right now there are a few places selling them for a super low price of forty-nine bucks. FWIW, there is a website on the net that sells blind parts and they're pretty cheap. If you break the fiberglass poles in your blind you can get another pair for about ten bucks. I've got one Doghouse that's got to be ten years old and it's still in somewhat decent shape.
Note: spring steel isn't very pliable, it just breaks when over stressed.
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