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Congratulations!!Nice buck!

I have shot,and eaten,a lot of antelope.With some of my early ones,I was not so good at handling game animals.I did not have a high opinion of antelope meat.

I figured out,do not allow the bladder to leak/break,get the hide off immediately,and get it cold immediately.

Then antelope meat became excellent.

Cooking,I do not do any "gaminess" tricks.Do you have some odd trimmings? shoulder,etc?Just no blood shot,etc,clean,good meat.Stew meat type pieces.Put a little seasoning on it,salt,pepper,or a little Lawries and pepper,shake it in flour.Get the floured pieces out

Get your skillet medium hot with some garlic butter in it.

Just brown those pieces in garlic butter.Its best if they are still a little pink inside.

Put them on a plate.Eat them.Now,tell me what you think of pronghorn.

Do that same thing,except pour a little beer on them when they are done ,and the pan will gravy up.So,mashed potatoes or flat noodles..

Now,backstrap chops,put them in a medium hot fry pan,garlic butter,they should still be a little pink!

Try it,let me know how it goes.A side dish? This time of year,look for a bag of frozen whole pod okra.Throw it in a medium hot fry pan with some butter or olive oil.Saute a while,like a stir fry.As it is frozen,it needs a head start.Later add sliced up potobella mushrooms,and maybe a splash of port.

I'd serve beside mashed potatoes,rice,or good egg noodles.
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