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Basically I'm looking at service rifle style competition plus other precision training and events. No bench rest shooting.

My thought process was:
Option (1) when accuracy loss becomes unacceptable at 600 to use it for closer range training and events. Then use the "good" upper, eventually replacing the barrel on most worn, rotate & repeat.

Option (2) use the 16" upper for "closer" range training and events saving wear on stainless steel barrel, and then replace barrels when necessary. The downside to number 2 is the weight is less, so the ergonomic feel will change a bit.

Option (3) would be just don't worry about it and change the barrel when needed.

It appears from the answers like (1) really isn't a good option. It's either go with option (2) or more likely (3). We only know what we know, and I'm learning and collecting data. Thank you all for the input.
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