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I have a number of 30 and 32 cal handguns including a TC Contender with a home crafted 32 ACP stub barrel.

For target shooting, the length of the 32 ACP case is great. It is long enough to hold the required powder and a regular (non-wadcutter) bullet.

With too much space, a "nose down before shooting" round will be slower than a "nose up before shooting" round. It is real, I have measured it.

The 32 S&W Long was originally a black powder round. When loaded to the SAAMI pressure limit, modern powders only fill a fraction of the space inside the case unless you have a wadcutter with almost the entire bullet inside the case. This is the reason for wadcutter only target guns. Wadcutters are accurate at short range, but as previously noted not so good when distances get longer.

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