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Jim Watson
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I know of no target pistol in .32 S&W.
Catalog listings are deceptive.

Pardini HP, Cal. 32 S&W for Center Fire, NRA, CISM
Semiautomatic gun in Cal.32 S&W Long Wadcutter.

Walther GSP Expert .32
Quick caliber change .22 l.r. / .32 S&W "Two calibers, one gun“
Caliber .32 S&W long WC

Pardini is the only maker I know of with a .32 ACP target pistol, specifically listed for NRA Centerfire. I understand that is because a .32 ACP XTP holds accuracy better to 50 yards than a .32 S&W L wadcutter. ISSF matches in Europe are all shot at 25 meters and the wadcutter rules.
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