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Update...As of 9 Mar, the following are headed to the Governor's desk. Though not yet signed into law, the Governor and his leftist friends in the House of Delegates and Senate have ignored our calls. We have a long fight ahead of us.

from VCDL:
Bills that have passed both the House and Senate and will now head to the Governor's desk to possibly be signed into law
Duplicate bills are combined:

HB 2, SB 70 - Universal Background Checks. Only applies to bonafide sales, where something is given in exchange for a firearm.
HB 9 - lost/stolen firearms must be reported in 48 hours - time to report increased from 24 to 48 hours.
SB 14 - bans possession of bump stocks. Binary triggers, trigger cranks, etc. are not affected.
SB 64 - makes a group of two or more individuals brandishing with the intent and purpose of intimidating others a felony.
SB 71 - daycare/preschool become gun-free zones. For daycare centers and religious or private preschools, the gun ban only applies during hours of operation.
SB 173 - allows CHP holders to have a stun-weapon in their vehicle while on
HB 264, SB 263 - Eliminates online training and does not affect training from NRA instructors to get a CHP.
HB 421, SB 35 - allows localities to create their own gun laws. Restricted as to where localities can control guns: government buildings, parks, recreation and community centers, permitted events and surrounding roads.
HB 600, SB 593 - Licensed home day facilities require firearms to be stored unloaded and locked up during hours of operation. Localities can make their requirements more strict.
HB 674, SB 240 - Red Flag law - additional protections for search warrants and wrongful accusations were added.
HB 812, SB 69 - One Handgun a Month. Has exception for CHP holders.
HB 1004, SB 479 - protective orders take away gun rights while in effect.
HB 1080 - only those authorized by state law can carry on K-12 grounds. Conservators of the Peace cannot carry on school grounds under this bill.
HB 1083 - class 1 misdemeanor for younger than 14-years-old getting access to a loaded firearm in a reckless manner. Only change to current law is raising the penalty from a Class 3 misdemeanor to a Class 1 misdemeanor.
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