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you guys are getting bent over bad. however, you guys let the democrats take the state senate, state house of reps, and the gov. mansion so it seems just that this is happening.
It's happening in Alabama too. Did not Sen Jones vote to remove Trump?

This happened over the years and was subtle. As soon as the left had all of the pieces in place, they moved in fast and hard. It's now like a smash and grab type robbery...grabbing every piece they can and ramming it through. They are actually rushing it so organized resistance is hampered. There is no/limited debate and the legislators, in particular the delegates, now ignore the pleas for sanity from their constituents. They actually kicked us out of the public community hearing with threat of arrest for trespassing when they passed the weapons/magazine ban. Bloomberg's money and influence is huge here. He is actually attending a gala with the Governor and the legislators tonight in Richmond.

I fear things will get much worse here. Most of the state does not support what those in power (from the population centers) are doing and the anxiety is high. It gets worse by the minute with other bills being push through to ensure the antis stay in power.

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