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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
I’m not excited about having my cheek over the receiver
The AUG receiver ends about 4 inches forward of the shooters face, thus the chamber isn't under the shooters cheek or even face.
Further, the chamber is contained within the 'lock bolt body' (the rear most portion of the receiver) which is about 0.625 thick at its thinnest section.

When the AUG was designed it was actually made to fully contain a 2x worst case scenario. In the last 4 decades I have never heard or seen a single example of an AUG coming apart (including mil and leo), not saying one hasn't, but I would love to see one if it did.

And looking at the design & construction, if I had to have a rifle come apart... I would choose it in the AUG any day over an AR platform.

Also, I do like being able to roll the rifle and look in the chamber without changing position or unshouldering. That’s quite a bit more difficult with a bullpup since the chamber is under your strongside eye.
The chamber is actually well forward of the shooters eye.
I can see the bolt and its position without even moving, roll the rifle about 10deg and I can see the entire chamber mouth.
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