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Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
Context: By history, I'm a pistol and bolt action rifle shooter, but in the last decade, I've made ARs too. I have an interest in bullpups now, but I have reservations as well.

A pistol is in my hand or a holster, so I always know and can control where it points. A rifle, even an AR carbine is long enough that hanging on my shoulder it isn't going to point straight at my head.

Bullpups seem as if they would occupy an odd middle ground. They are so short that hanging muzzle up, one might easily sweep one's head. Hanging downward, there seem lots of opportunities to point at knees and vitals.

Have any of you tried a bullpup and found these issues off putting? Are there other qualities that made you hate the bullpup you tried?

Please tell me all the problems -- keep me from spending money on one.
The short answer no, not even in the slightest.

I own AUG's and at no time does the barrel ever come close to "sweeping" my head, not by any stretch (I have 14, 16, 20, 24" barrels). If I have it resting in front and transition it to my back, the muzzle can sweep my feet and lower legs, but no more so than an M4/16, AK, levergun, shotgun, etc.

As for negative qualities, nope, not a one
The AUG is outstanding in all respects
Some will complain about the trigger, but Ive found that they are either trigger snobs or have never actually fired one (more often than not they are the latter). It pulls the effectively the same as any other military trigger.

Some will complain about the weight
Well, man up and start exercising
In reality it is comparable to similar platforms, but folks will say "Oh it's two pounds heavier than a _____" Which is inevitably some entirely dissimilar configuration... non-piston driven, no optic, 20" vs 14", etc.

People will complain about operation and reloading
Well,, train for your platform
But it really isn't any different than training on anything else. Again in my experience those that complain about reloads and such have no actual hands on experience with them, they are usually just repeating what they read/hear.

My biggest draw to the AUG isn't actually the size. but rather the ridiculous reliability of them, they just run like crazy. And even though they are poly, they are tough as nails. Look at the comments by the owner of Battlefield Vegas, he has openly stated that the AUG is by far the most reliable and durable. And they see far more use and abuse than even most military rifles.

I can and choose to use the AUG as my "primary rifle" for social work, followed closely by AK platforms. But opinions will differ
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