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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
I've never notices that arrow. Now that you figured it out, how about sharing with the rest of us?
This is the link I got it from:

Go to Al Norris's long post (#4). Read the last paragraph. He gives a good example how to do it....... "Just right click the post number, save the link to the clipboard and paste it into the quote command, then delete everything except the number itself."

You will want to right click on the post number. Then left click on, "Copy Shortcut". The number you will be looking for is in the 6 million, 700 thousand range. (7 digits). Then, like he say's, paste that number in, along with everything else it copied, then delete everything else except that number, right up until the semi colon you placed there after the posters name. So only that large number remains.

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