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The problem, for people accustomed to other forums running vBulletin, is found in Mal H's post #6 in the link from JohnKSa's post above. vBulletin has a built-in function that allows registered users to easily quote entire posts. The problem that the powers-that-be at TFL perceived a long time ago is that this function allows registered users to easily quote entire posts.

Apparently too may people were just quoting entire, long posts when they were responding to only one or two sentences from within the long post. In order to eliminate that practice, the PTB turned off the auto-quote function. This dramatically reduced the amount of indiscriminate quoting, but it means that in order to quote something you have to really want to quote it, and learn how to do it. Some of our members never have learned -- when they quote another post, they just paste the text they want, put it in quotation marks, and go on from there.
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