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I've Read Bunk, and it Stunk!!!

A staff poster here posted my quote of:

I know this borders on heresy, but a good quality semiauto is more reliable than a revolver. A double-action revolver has far more moving parts than a 1911A1.
Obviously he was seeking extremely unscientific confirmation of his normalcy bias. But these boards typically are replete with self-anointed gun exerts. They ruin the quality of intellectual debate, for they insist upon their myopic assumpuptions based upon their emotional attachments and incorrect/anachronistic beliefs. Science and facts are anathema to them.

Facts are facts, except for this poster. He'll make up his own facts just as quickly as any anti-Amendment II liberal.

I've had two S&W revolvers suffer catastrophic failures. I have personal knowledge of many more. I have never, ever seen a good quality semi suffer any kind of failure. Period. I have personal knowledge of my former agency testing a then new S&W 5904 to determine suitability for issue to its cops. My former agency's armorers put 10,000 through a single copy w/o cleaning or maintenance. In essence, they were trying to cause it to fail. It never did.

The most reliable and accurate handgun I've carried was a Sig P229 .40 S&W. I have never, ever seen nor heard of a law enforcement duty Sig failure. Period. Ever.

In the end, we're all responsible for committing to thorough research before selecting a handgun that's intended to save its owner's life.

As for this outfit, my suggestion is to be far more circumspect before allowing its staff to condemn other poster's posts as bunk. It's because of posters like him that I rarely visit this outfit.
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