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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
I think it’s a nice idea.
But, I have an inappropriate and probably unfounded fear of having the receiver and chamber that near my face.
While some may think the issue of a receiver near one's face is a needless worry, the fact is that if one is uncomfortable with any style of rifle then it's not a smart idea to use one, simple as that. It doesn't matter why you don't like it, if you don't, don't use it. Simple as that.

I for one have tried bullpup style rifles and found them unsatisfactory for a whole raft of reasons. Some because of the way the rifles don't fit me comfortably ergonomically, some because of the blast and flash so near my ears, some because of a concern of the action so near my face, and some because, even though I shoot right handed, both the of them I tried sprayed powder in my face with every shot.

Some may like them and that's great for them. Some don't and that's also great for them. I don't but don't worry about whether someone else does or doesn't like my choice in long guns. I suggest that it's a smart position to take.

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