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I had some sleeves of Winchester large rifle primers awhile back that ate two boltheads before I trashed them and switched to CCI.
Exactly the same thing happened to me with Winchester LR primers. Even at low to mid-range loads I had primer failures in my Savage 10 and son's Rem 700. I had read about them having had some bad lots a while back so I contacted Winchester. They were very responsive and based on the load data I provided they wanted the remaining 400 of 1K back. I also supplied the LC (11) brass used in the failures.

Although they said they had not had previous issues with my lot#, they paid all the shipping and offered to fix/replace damaged bolts in both rifles. At the time I was more interested in shooting than shipping my weapon away for who knows how long so I told them I was ok.

I did have an additional 7K of Win LR primers on hand of different lot # (all had been purchased in 2014), but they didn't want them back. I was/am so uncertain of their primers, that I swapped n traded them for next to nothing just so I wouldn't be tempted to try them again. I am now using CCI #34s, but plan to try out some Federal primers soon.
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