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What is often neglected in "force on force" training, it training not to shoot.

If I'm in such a place which is being robbed. I'm not going to interfer as along as no one is getting hurt.

If I see someone running out of my my house with my TV (though I may be justified in shooting to stop), I'm calling the insurance company.

If I'm at a restruant, or gas station, and some one demands my wallet, I'm going to give it to him, then call the Bank and cancil all my cards.

Justifacation doesnt mean you should act. You can be totally justified in using deadly force. No charges, no jail time, no suit. No Problem...Right.

Wrong, its going to haunt you the rest of your life, No matter how justified, if you're human, you're going to pay.

I'm not saying not to be prepared to protect yourself or your loved ones. I'm saying property items arent worth nightmares.

Heck I've paid a ton in insurance payments. I doubt any bandit will take from me the value I've paid to insurance companies.
Amen !
Just face shoot the criminal was the advice I was given. Old tech new tech, face shooting will nearly always take the wrong doing out of a bad guy.
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