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Don't make it rocket science.. there are not that many ways to fight with a handgun. Choose a gun-kwan (fighting style) that you believe in and invest yourself in it. A fight is a fight is just a fight regardless of the venue.

There are not very many special considerations about getting your gun into action and you will not likely have but mere milliseconds to decide a course of action.

If you can [smoothly] draw and shoot.. shoot and move..shoot from less than perfect positions like supine and prone -and- are a decent marksman, you can probably wing it. Things rarely go as planned in the middle of a fast moving crisis, you just have to figure it out. hopefully you will have some decent training to fall back on. Most tactics can be applied to varying venues and circumstances. When they cant, you can often times use the spirit of those things which closely resemble your particular situation and --- wing it.

force on force is a good place to iron those things out. Close quarters are close quarters, regardless if its a pizza place or a laundry mat.
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