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Mainly I was thinking of a force on Force scenario with someone who gets violent as they enter (drunk or drugs or whatever). I know people have gotten upset here when you mention the need for training how to react to a hands on situation...but that is something I would look for. If someone is actually going hands on. It is a close proximity drill and it probably will end badly. There are certainly videos on YouTube of someone needing and not having in a situation kind of like above. Plenty of videos of them having them too.
Pick your martial art, boxing, or whatever contact "fighting" sport you want. Some are going to be better than others but all of them are going to be better than nothing. Practice several times a week if possible or at least once a week. It will help keep you in shape to a degree and help you be more competent than most people. Creating enough distance to draw should you be engaged in fisticuffs with someone is a pretty daunting task if they are at all competent and if they are not you may not actually be under an attack that rises to the justification of deadly force. Simply being in superior physical shape helps.
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