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Earlier poster commented about rifle being worth several hundred dollars or more......depending on its condition.

You have a Mark I 1903. Lets just say its value should be in the "OR MORE" category of value. Last time I saw one, was in a Gander Mtn store used rifle rack for military rifles. Gander generally is high priced, so the $1200 price I remember on its Mark I may be questionable. Regardless, a 1903 in decent condition should be valued these days up towards $800 plus easily. I regularly go to guns shows in the Houston area with a couple of my shooting buddies. Prices run around $1000 for them there.

And YES, your rifle is completely safe to shoot. LOL, I shoot one of the so-called LOW SERIAL Number 1903 Springfields on a fairly regular basis since I've acquired it. Darn rifle had been too well used by previously owner(s) not to shoot it. But then, I do reload and do keep my reloads on the low pressure side.
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