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Condolences on the passing of your Dad.
He left you a nice rifle.

It is, as marked on the receiver ring, a Springfield 1903 Mk I, caliber .30-06. The Mk 1 means it was made to accept the Pedersen device which replaced the bolt with a semiautomatic action firing a small cartridge a little more powerful than a .32 pistol. The little hole in the left receiver rail is the ejection port for its empties because the 40 round magazine stuck up and to the right out of the regular ejection port. Almost all the Pedersen devices themselves were destroyed, leaving the rifles with the extra ejection port and marking in service.

S.A. (ordnance bomb) 2-20 means the barrel was made at Springfield in February 1920. Undoubtedly the original barrel because the action serial number is in the 1920 block.

(Circle P) means the rifle was proof tested. I don't know about all those other stamps, likely inspectors marks from 95 years ago.

The action is of the "double heat treated" type and is safe with standard .30-06 ammo.

I have one similar, but yours looks nicer.
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