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That press is sure beefy doubt if it would be possible to wear it out
I didn’t need another single stage but that thing is so stout I might sell my rcbs and keep this one instead
It takes regular dies and has an adapter on it to use the regular shell holders
I was wondering what the other shell holders went to thought he might have had more stuff he forgot about but they are all for the press
I bought it for the dies steel 38/357 and a set of 308 to neck size only brass and the trimmer but after cutting ¼ off of two.556 that I made into 7.62x25’s was enough need to get a lee guide or something else that I can use with a drill
Could have bought just what I needed cheaper but got all of it for $125 seemed like a pretty good deal
Hopefully I can sell some of this so that I didn’t get it all just for a couple of sets of dies
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