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Two hangups...

1. Times on posting email returns. Seems they are coming in late - like 7 hours late. In my L&P "Pending Draft Legislation..." thread, paratrooper's 1:03PM post email alert came in at 8:02PM. This has happened several times over the past week or so (maybe since your last outage???). Sorry, I haven't logged it for effect - it may even be intermittant; not sure.

Earlier, I thought it might be my mail server which did have an outage and a bug that delayed mail a week or so ago, but it's been stable since back up. I'm not having the problem with THR.

Checking just now L&P TheBluesMan's post in "How does Freedom Of Info..." came in immediately at 7:34PM. Now I'm lost.

2. The forum subject page links do not change color after having clicked to read the threads. This was always handy to know which I'd already entered. Also no problem with THR.

Anything I should know or do?


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