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I don't know about that specific rifle. I have a Steyr Mannlicher Schoenaur from the mid 60's and it is a super high quality rifle. It shoots pretty good too. I would not be offput by the brand of the rifle.

The 7.62x54 rimmed (that is the round, right?) has a great performance potential. I would ask whether the bore is .308 or .311 or what before purchasing the rifle. There are a number of really good quality bullets available in .308, but your choices of target bullets are a bit more limited in the .311 bore.

That said, look to Lapua for components, you won't be sorry. The lower operating pressures of that cartridge should help your brass to last a very long time.

The Remington is a pretty simple design which has performed well throughout the years. Between them, were I located in North America I would probably opt for the Remington, both due to availability of parts and service, and because it is such a known quantity.

If you are starting out in long range shooting, I think there are cartridges better suited for your purpose than a 7.62x54r.
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