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OK, Gotcha.

I saw where you recently acquired a 220. Congrats.

You may want either a Beretta 92 derivitive or even an 84 or 85 for shooting pleasure and athestics. They are beautiful pistols but only consider them if you personally take a liking. I am still trying to warm up to a Glock. You never know, we may meet up in the middle one day with beauty and the beast.
Thanks brother!

It's alright, the poll is really loud when you first click on the link. I could have just as easily made the same mistake and I have...several times. lol

Yes! I do want a 92. I love full sized guns and who doesn't need another 9mm full sized or .45 full sized? I have shot the 84 I's a .380? One of my friends had it. I loved the way that thing shot! I barely felt any recoil whatsoever.

You're getting used to a Glock? Oh nice...didn't think I'd see that coming. Awesome. let us know how it goes

I see the Sig 226 9mm is now closing in on the lead
Ah yes...One of my favorites and the one I've shot the most. 3,000+ rounds with only 3 FTF's. With rough ammo and one possible user error. (I was running)
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