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Setting The LR hook Again

Tuesday afternoon I was able to spend some time with Jake and Cheyenne.
Jake needed to chronograph some loads for a elk hunt, and do a little bit of practice on steel out past their maximum hunting distances.

Of course, I brought out a couple of specialty pistols, that I thought they might enjoy shooting as well. Jake put up an 8 inch target at 420 yards, and then we placed a 10 x 12 target at 595 yards. After the chronographing of a load, and confirmation of drops, I pulled out a couple specialty pistols and both of them shot my BCG center-grip 280AI XP-100.
Cheyenne was the first to shoot it.
After some dry fire practice, she hit the steel at 595 yards on her very first try.
After multiple hits, it was Jake’s turn, and Jake also hit the target couple of times, with his very last shot being dead center.
They had a lot of fun, and I would not be surprised to see one or both of them do some hunting next year with a XP-100.
This is the longest distance they have ever made on a target.
I guess we’ll have to set a target even further next time.
Jake may be hunting with a XP-100 for whitetail in November now.

Here is a video of Jake shooting it.
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