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Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
The author of your article is a troll from the most conservative think tank on the planet. I bet even most republicans wouldn't agree with most crap out of that group. Also, isn't backed up. Just wild shots in the dark to disturb people as yourself.
The fact that the article comes from a source with a certain political leaning does not invalidate the points in it. I am not uber-conservative, I am much more of a centrist and for some issues I even lean left, yet I think that the article is spot on.

It is true that the modern left is rabidly anti-gun, and when they are tolerant of guns it is in a FUDD way that looks askance at the 2A.

There were much better ways to hurt Russia than to go after their ammo sales in the US (NordStream gas line, for example).

Now even if I doubt the Biden administration's stated reasons for the Russian ammo ban, I do not think that the ban is a big driver of the current high prices of ammo and in this I agree with you. Maybe in a year, but not now.

Supply shortages, a significant demand increase, market uncertainty and panic buying are the reasons behind it. It is happening in other markets too (computer chips).
Life is simply an inter-temporal problem of constrained optimization.

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