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Originally Posted by Seedy Character View Post
No different than those who paid $120 for a $28 sheet of plywood.
Or $12 for a $2.82 2x4. They have come down to $3.97. That price, I figure, is the ,old" price + Pedo Joe's fuel hike raising shipping costs.

This will be the new normal or a bargain, before the old fool is done.
And remember the hoarding of toilet paper and its price a few months ago?

I think that we have reasons to relax, the price of ammo is starting to come down: Ammoseek shows brass cased 9mm at 37 cents and brass cased 308 at 58 cents, brass cased 223 at 45 cents today September 17 (tough luck if like me, you own a rifle in 7.62x39). This is much better than it was in May or June.

There are always panics in the gun community at the beginning of any new Democrat administration. If SCOTUS takes on some 2A cases and rules on the side of the 2A, politicians may start thinking twice about enacting policies against our rights, and the whole market will calm down. The last year has just been a perfect storm of economics and panic feeding uncertainty.
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