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You could do a lot to chill. The author of your article is a troll from the most conservative think tank on the planet. I bet even most republicans wouldn't agree with most crap out of that group. Also, isn't backed up. Just wild shots in the dark to disturb people as yourself.

I can tell you I paid $5k higher than normal for one year old Toyota 4Runner this year. Basically brand new pricing for an 8K mile year old car. A new one was booked out in June until September.

Why? A supply chain problem.

So my $7 box of American Eagle at a glut, yeah. What do you think happens when people are hoarding? You are suggesting when 50rnd boxes earlier this year at $40 was raw goods. Oh come on.

Have you bought a 2x4x8 pine stud recently? Care to tell me the price from homedepot you paid today vs 7 months ago vs 2 years ago? Same.

Dude on Glocktalk is proud to have 50K rounds. I straight up asked him the last time he went to the range. This week, month, even this year?...answer was months ago at best.

Vista is about to sell based on subscriptions. Must be Biden's fault.
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