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That little 120gr nosler did impress me quite a bit, that's what I started my kids out with several years ago. I loaded a reduced load around 2600fps and it hammered everything they shot with it. Accuracy wasn't quite there at those velocities but it was good enough inside of 100 yards. As they got older I worked the load up until I found an accuracy node using Varget right around 3000fps if I recall correctly. I had 3 of those loads left over and I was able to shoot 1 ragged hole at 100 yards with em in my rifle so when/ if availability returns they are definitely a viable option. Only thing I didn't like about them was I used them to take a 180ish lb buck at 40 yards. He was quartering away so I hit about mid body going up into the off shoulder. He dropped right there and the inside was mangled but the bullet completely came apart. All I could find was a small portion of the lead resting against the inside of the ribcage. A lot to ask from a cup and core bullet of that weight and velocity I know. If they ever made an accubond version it would be perfect for my needs but I'm sure the market would be quite small.
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