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Originally Posted by Shadow9mm View Post
I very much agree. My thoughts are these. If I'm losing daylight on the last day of the season, but have managed to stalk into say between 375-425yds. With an untuned load, or a load that is 2moa out of my budget hunting rifle, no way I am talking that shot. I would need to get closer. With a good factory load that shoots well out of my gun, or a tuned hand load shooting at or under moa... provided the cartridge had enough energy at that range, that would be the difference between a full or empty freezer.
Production rifles with even a decent load can manage that without an issue. My two longest shots on Elk, 425 and 505 yards, were made with factory rifles and factory ammo. Yes, very good quality and I knew my holds, but they were not precision loads at all. They were just as dead as the other 35 at 350 and closer. My best 5 shot 100 yard group with a hunting rifle outside remains a bull centered group of 0.11" with a Tikka .243Win and 95 grain Ballistic Tips, all off the shelf.
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