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Yep, the 10 Top Bench Rest guys all had their approach. I forget details but I think it was the top 8 or 10 from each.

Each swore by his, no two were alike though there were some common elements.

Loose case vs tight case. Argued endlessly. Consistent case if probably the bottom line.

My take is to go with what you feel is the best practices from all and incorporate it into what hold logic for you.

As for testing, I forget how many tests I have seen.

Does he win every match? Is he the top 1st and 2nd in every match?

No, that changes and its down to things you can't measure or test.

The only one I ever came across that had solid test was the Tales From the Houston Warehouse. They zeroed out as many factors as they could including the shooter.

The shooter alone probably has 100 position factors that will affect the shot.

And even the best sports players have bad days and baseball if you hit .333 you are considered some kind of wonder.
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