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So what about question D part 1 in the above post? Might that be cause for concern? I was not arrested, but I was confined and admitted.
"Admitted" or "admission" means that you were admitted to inpatient treatment at a mental health facility. In other words, you were living at the mental facility as a patient.

If I understand everything you've told us so far, that wasn't the case. You volunteered for outpatient counseling, meaning you lived at home and went on your own to go see a doctor/counselor when it was time for your appointment, right?

The time spent under observation during your TDO doesn't count as "being admitted". That's the whole reason we have TDOs - so that doctors can keep someone safe and evaluate them for a short period of time without the stigma and legal ramifications that come with an involuntary admission to a mental health facility.

As you read through all of these laws, remember that your outpatient treatment was voluntary, NOT mandatory, and that you were never admitted to a mental health facility for inpatient treatment. With that in mind, I haven't seen a law or rule posted here yet that applies to you.
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