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Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I appreciate the help.

I guess my main concern with the DAO is if it ever comes time that I will need to use in self defense situations. I mean, will the repetitive training with the DAO become like muscle memory? I know I'm pulling my shots now so I am hoping with training that it will become second to none and I wont have to force myself. I would not like to be in the situation and be missing my target. I'm sure under severe stress, that alone will be enough to worry about and not the trigger - though I'm sure in such a situation the trigger pull will not even be on my mind, rather than to just focus and pull.

In regards to the pistol in topic, the trigger is long and a bit heavy (that is, I guess - I really don't know if 9 lbs is heavy or not for a DAO S/A), but it is very smooth. The wife's Bersa Thunder 380 in DA for the first shot is very gritty. She was getting to the point of just cocking the hammer back for the first shot after mag reloads and using the slide release as she said she didn't like the first long gritty pull. The SCCY is not at all like that, it is very smooth, IMO.
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