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The trigger is the most important part on a pistol.
I put the sights, or target, depending on how youre shooting, in the most important position, for most "overall" shooting. The rounds go where the sights were, when the gun went off. If youre worrying on the trigger, youre not watching the sights.

If all Im shooting is one type of trigger, with a small caliber round, at paper targets, then perhaps a light SA trigger would be better for one specific use. But on chucks at 100 yards with a 4" .44 mag with hot loads, or reactive use under stress, that same type trigger can be, and for me, is a detriment. I focus on keeping the sights aligned all while steadily and unconsciously increasing the pressure on the trigger until the gun goes off.

I personally think if youre "thinking" about the trigger, your focus is in the wrong place.

I also think that the epiphany arrives, when you realize youre not thinking about the trigger at all when you shoot, just where the sights (or peripheral imprint of the rear of the gun or its feel) were when the gun went off.

There will always be a slight readjustment period (usually about a couple of rounds to a mag or cylinder or so) between gun/trigger types, depending on how much experience and practice you have in with each type, but other than that, there really isnt much of a relearning curve between them. Its when you dont have that experience and practice with the different types that the troubles usually show up.

If youre familiar and comfortable with DAO shooting, anything you come across should not be a problem to shoot. If all you learn on and shoot, as light, SA triggers, the reverse is not usually the case.
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