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Well, I can drive a stick as that is what I learned on, so I do have hope that I will master the DAO trigger

But seriously, thanks to everyone for the inspiration. It is good to know that I am not the only one that has had trouble with the DAO and that I can learn it with care and practice.

I'm in Ohio and I don't believe there is a restriction as to what is used to qualify for CCW. I do know that a shooting qualification is required to be passed by the instructor and I don't feel my shooting is acurate enough as of yet. Yes, I can keep my shots on target but I am not usually hitting where I am aiming - I am mostly about 2" low and 3" left (at 21'). Once in while I will hit POA, and this occurs when I relax my strong hand, but then it feels like the pistol wants to leap from it. I am trying to find that in-between. In the beginning I was shooting quite noteably better but I was staging the trigger then - as I was taught by our private instructor. I have since read that it is bad practice to stage the trigger on DAO pistols and have stopped doing so, focusing more on an even steady full trigger pull - but not shooting as accurately.

Does trigger pull weight say from 5 to 9 lbs have a significant difference in shooter's accuracy? The pistol I am wanting to use for CC has a 9 lb (as spec'd by the mfg.) trigger pull. I didn't think this was too heavy for a DAO as it is mainly the safety feature of these pistol's design, no?

Thanks again to all for the help.

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