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Once you understand things, and see the advantages to shooting DAO, I doubt youll be thumb cocking much, if ever again.
I cant think of a single advantage of DAO except being more snag free in most designs. My first gun was a S&W double action revolver, I shot revolvers extensively for a few years and my EDC for 3 years was a model 60 and 640. I am a pretty good shot with revolvers, I practiced a whole lot, dry fire and live fire, and I could certainly see my groups tighten up with practice. But I shoot DA/SA and striker fired autos a whole lot better and with ease. To make things worse, DA triggers on autos are nothing like a revolvers DA trigger and tend to be not as smooth. Which is why the DAK configurations on Sig pistols makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would anyone give up a crisp single action trigger for DAO, and if they are worried about consistency of the trigger pull from shot to shot why not just go with a striker fired pistol, which has a much lighter and crisp trigger pull.
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