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lovethosesooners comments:
I don't have anything against the cartridge and understand it's a great round, but the ballistics that I keep looking at don't bear this out.
The comparison you make is hard to see 'cause the way your data ended up in this thread is a disaster. Next time, make a table that prints on paper, scan it, then post that image so we can make sense of your data in a reasonable amount of time.

Here's some stuff you may not have considered, or even knew about......

Barrel life of a .270 is half that of a .308.

The .308 is, by far, the most accurate cartridge.

Bullets 200 grains and heavier can easily be used in the 30 caliber ones; great for very big, angry animals up close and impersonal. Not so with the 27 caliber. If you had used one of these to make your comparison, the .270 would not even be in contention 'cause there ain't any bullets that heavy for it.

Regarding those claims that "the .308 is superior to both the .270 and 30-06," it's only in the accuracy and barrel life that I've heard or seen people state. But for medium and small game taken up to 400 to 500 yards, the .270 is easily a better cartridge.

But game's killed with bullets, not cartridges. I suppose one could stab a deer with a very long cartridge if it had a sharp pointed bullet and could be caught so the hunter could do that. Four bullets of the same caliber, make and type entering four identical animals at the same direction at the same place and speed, but coming from four different size cartridge cases, will perform identical. Period. The only difference is the range from the hunter to the animal.

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