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And yet even high-speed low-drag outfits get guys smoked in training. Didn't a Force Recon guy shoot up the dude in front of him in the stack while practicing entries not too many years back?
Absolutely true. Even the elite guys have fatalities during training due primarily to the types of high-risk activities they are training for. At least some of those units apparently believed at one point that they could mitigate the risk from this type of training to the degree that the benefits were worth the risk. I don't know if that is still the case.

Of course, that is an entirely different thing from Joe the local Sheriff's Reserve Deputy and champion IPSC shooter running 40-50yr old couch potatoes who have 24 hours of instruction with a firearm in their belt through similar scenarios at the local range.

There are a number of schools out there with experienced instructors from some of these elite units. To the best of my knowledge, none of them use the type of training shown in the video with their students. I think that is probably a solid clue as to how appropriate that kind of training is for most people.
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