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Video of Inoculation Training?

NOTE Foul language in video. May not be work or family friendly.

So I was searching for hog hunting videos and came across a forum for Texas hog hunting that had videos. I came across this thread (see link) on what was billed as a shooting evaluation for volunteer hog hunters. That sounded cool given all the folks wanting a chance to hunt hogs for free that don't have any land. I figured somebody had a big ranch with serious hog issues and needed help with the problem, but had standards needing to be met before letting strangers hunt his/her land. Obviously, the video isn't for that purpose and was likely posted as a joke relative to hog hunting, though the video looks real enough as maybe being some sort of test or innoculation training.

Inoculation training for dealing with combat stress can be a fine teaching tool. However what I saw in the video was upsetting. The amount of demonstrated unsafe gun handling and unsafe shooting just blew me away, pardon the pun. I don't know what the student is shooting at or even if his gun has actual ammo in it, but the instructor's gun most certainly does based on the dirt kicked up by his shots.

So does anyone know where this sort of training/testing is done? Is this some sort of contractor training?
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