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" Jim, Standard steels are melted to chemistry !! Rebar is melted to mechanical properties instead ! The better rebar is also coated with green epoxy for extra strength !
Regards , your're forum Italian Metallurgist."

If you mean, in your rather cryptic way, that rebar and "standard" steels are formulated totally differently, with no consideration of "mechanical properties" for "standard" steel.....then I'm sorry, but you have NO idea what you are talking about. ALL steels are formulated for mechanical properties, as well as "chemistry". In fact, your first two sentences combined are a null statement....and as such, are nonsense.

Secondly, if you knew ANYTHING about rebar (which you clearly DON'T), then you'd know that the green epoxy coating, applied to some rebar, is for the purpose of CORROSION RESISTANCE in highly corrosive environments (such as bridge construction in coastal areas). It has NOTHING whatever to do with "extra strength".....and adds NO additional physical strength to the rebar. Your characterization of the epoxy coated version as "better rebar" also betrays ignorance - because the rebar (under the epoxy coating) is EXACTLY the SAME as any other rebar. No "special" rebar is used for this - the bar is simply acid cleaned, to remove the oily film (sprayed on standard rebar to reduce the speed of corrosion), before being epoxy coated.

Trying to pass yourself off as a metallurgist, while proffering such drivel, is offensive.

Gentlemen, I get the point that some of you think this is all just a big joke - and that I'm "taking this thread too seriously", or something like that. So, perhaps the comments at which I've taken issue (directly above) were simply written to bait me. If so, so be it. I simply can't stand stupid mischaracterizations of technical matters. So sue me. If you find that funny, well good for you.
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