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Lighten up Francis.

I expect it is a 22 rimfire based only on the apparent size of the holes in the target and the bore, as well as my knowledge of steel. In a normal bolt action receiver, the reciever ring surrounds the chamber and supports it. Remington used to have some famous advertisement, how did it go?

I still admire the craftsmanship it takes to make a barrel that will clean a target. The work I see is the work of someone who truly knows their craft.

As far as it being mild steel, I know. I also know that gun drilling, reaming, rifling, and and then chambering your own barrel are not things that a normal gunsmith does. Most gunsmiths buy their barrels from a barrelmaker who specializes in that task.

I admire someone who can make their own. And when the smith shoots this barrel out, he can put in a 22 cal "sleeve" which is made of alloy steel and continue shooting tight little groups.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.

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