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Silly and insane. ALL rebar is made from MILD steel..... and SCRAP, at that. The metallurgy, though controlled within a certain range, is much less precise than one might think. So, a barrel made from such would be WEAK and one could not be sure of the integrity. Certainly, any such barrel made from rebar would be FAR weaker than one made from proper ordnance steel.

It is quite possible that someone could get away with this, even for an extended period of time, using nothing more powerful than a .22 rimfire, or perhaps, .38 Special.... a low pressure cartridge such as that. With a high-pressure rifle round (any caliber) is a hand grenade with an unpredictable fuse. I wouldn't try it if you PAID me, though.

I expect that it might be possible that the maker of this monstrosity confused the published yield strength of a given size of rebar with general yield strength ratings for various types of steel. Rebar is tested and rated ONLY for TENSILE strength. There is NO testing, NO rating, NO concern in fact, for ANY OTHER directional forces - such as would be applied in such an application as a gun barrel. The integrity of a given section of rebar, any size, for forces to be applied other than average tensile strength.... is extremely suspect.

And yes, I do know of what I speak. I was involved, for many years, in the steel industry, specifically involving rebar... both it's metallurgy and the engineering related to it's use.
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