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H&R/NEF Handi Rifle spare barrel without frame fitting- can it work?

Since I got my light strike issues resolved on my Handi Rifle, I've been thinking of getting a barrel in .357 and .45-70. However, I know that when H&R/NEF was offering the accessory barrels the frames had to be sent to them to have the barrels fitted.

H&R is long gone now, but the barrels are still out there.

Has anyone ever bought or borrowed or in any way tried a barrel they knew was not fitted to their frame just to see if it would work? What all would need to be done to get a spare barrel to fit a frame?

I realize that the Handi Rifles are not like TC Contenders and Encores, but it seems that people can get lucky and get a barrel to fit a Handi frame without having any work done to them.
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