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The fragmentation you get from the 243 is most likely due to bullet construction. You might want to try Barnes bullets, I've had really good luck with them.

As for bloodshot meat, I've always subscribed to the theory that projectile speed has the biggest effect on how much you'll get. P.O. Ackley had an article in one of his books about .17 calibers shooting around 4500 fps, and how there was so much blood shot meat from the wound it was not a good meat hunters rifle. I've seen this in my endeavors as I starting hunting with a 300 Savage, move to a 30-06, and now shoot a 300 Winchester Mag. The deer I killed with the Savage had little blood shot, the deer and elk that I took with the 30-06 had more but not an excess, and now the 300 Win, which creates excessive blood shot. Velocities with the ammo I used were 2300, 2700, and 3100 fps respectively.
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