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12 Ga flares are very corrosive so avoid shooting them out of your shotgun unless its an actual emergency. Living on an island as I do and since the Coast Guard requires all watercraft to carry flares, I have handled quite a few. I usually just buy the bright orange plastic Orion flare pistol kits. I know the Kennesaw Cannon Co. sells flare inserts for the 25.6 mm flare guns and I have always been curious to see how they worked. I have been thinking myself about buying a 12 ga insert and cutting it down to fit into a standard 12 Ga flare gun. if its in .22 I doubt you would have any problems, even with a plastic gun, since the insert is metal. Accuracy will be terrible I am sure, but thats not the point. For me, the point is a virtually disposable handgun that I can pop halibut with or take trapping. If it gets dropped overboard or lost...oh well.
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