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Centaure Question

Hey from Texas!! First-time poster, long-time Lurker. This is a great forum. I have learned alot from y'all and I really appreciate it.

Although I have a TC Hawken in .50 caliber that I've owned for many years, I am unfamiliar with blackpowder pistols and have yet to purchase one. I would like to own an 1860 Army in .44 caliber, and recently had an opportunity present itself to me.

My Uncle's best friend recently passed, and now his friend's widow is selling off her late-husband's small collection of firearms. Among them is a new-in-the-box, unfired Belgian Centaure. Serial No. 27## with "Made in Belgium" on the bottom of the backstrap, rampant Centaur on the left side just ahead of the brass triggerguard, and "CENTENNIAL Trade Mark" followed by "1960 New Model Army" on the 8" barrel. I don't know a whole lot about these, but from what I've read they sound pretty nice and I think this one is a 1st Model RNMA manufactured in 1962 or 1963??

First question - How is the quality of these Centaure pistols?? Will it stand up to regular loads and usage?? Are the specs of the various components good so that I won't have to have alot of gunsmith work performed to correct the arbor length, timing of cylinders, etc. so that it will function reliably?? I don't own safe queens and would like to shoot it every now and then.

Second question - I want to be fair and reasonable. I don't want to steal the pistol from the lady, and I don't want to get gouged on the price either. I could buy a new Uberti for around $325. What would be a fair price for this Belgian Centaure??

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