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Are you saying that you can subtract a grain of powder from your max 296 loads and only lose 20 fps in velocity from your revolver?

I dunno. I do know there becomes a point where I can add .5 of a grain and get no increase in velocity or very little.

That is why I am asking about your personal chrono data, particularly the slope of the line in fps change per grain change.
That info is mostly in my head and is filed in that area where things of little importance is stored. While many need to know and document every little detail of their reloads, to me velocity is not high up there on priority. My Chrono gets used to make sure my ammo velocity is in a range that is appropriate for the useage and to make sure it does not exceed published velocity. If my loads are close to factory in velocity and/or published velocities, and accurate, exact velocity and deviation is of little importance to me. Many times I see velocities published that are above and beyond those published in other manuals. Not an unusual occurrence. One reason I always try to use at least three references when working up a load. If one of the three or four references is obviously different than the others, it raises scrutiny, but I don't automatically assume it is wrong and feel the need to call the company and tell them they made a mistake and what they are doing wrong. Maybe if I was an engineer or chemist with a specialty in working with modern ammunition propellants, but not being an average Joe Reloader. I have loaded thousands of Nosler .38 caliber 158gr JHPs over H110/W296. I do not have their manual, but the info you posted from there is in line with Hornady and Speer manuals for similar bullets. Those two are also quite conservative compared to Hodgdon and Lyman for similar bullets in .357 mag. My loads lie somewhere in the middle, where their accuracy has proven the best in my guns. Ain't got a clue what the exact velocity is. I know my load is safe and I believe the load Nosler gives is.
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